Guidelines for Contributors

All contributions from everyone are very welcome. We invite a variety of prospectives and points of view. For the technicalities of contributing see How to Comment or Contribute. Below you find more info about the content.

# Comments, questions, answers, discussions and conversations

We welcome them for every practice already described in this wiki. Look at the Template for more info on this point.

# Practical tips and stories

All the tips and stories you can share, about your direct experience in applying one of the practices in this wiki, is very welcome. Look at the Template for more info on this section.

# A new practice

That would be great too! We are looking to share, among Complexity practitioners, new practices base on Complexity in the context of Software and Digital Product development. To document the practice follow the Template.

A practice is a set of activities that can be used by a group of people (a team, a few teams, a department, etc.) to fulfil a specific need they have. So each practice has a specific purpose. It has a sequence of steps and activities, a certain workflow. It has inputs and produces a set of outputs and outcomes.

Techniques - Practices

Cynefin for example is a framework with related theory, a practice would be a specific use of the framework with a specific purpose (e.g. adapting the decision-making approach to the degree of complexity of the work a team is doing).

Probing or Ritual dissent instead are techniques that can be used as part of other practices, they are not a practice.

# Techniques, frameworks and theories

The main focus and the priority of this wiki go to the practical applications. So first of all the practices, after that the techniques.

If you feel you want to document some frameworks of theories, we welcome multiple perspectives, please do.

# About the practices from the book Living Complexity

All the practices from the book are included there. The 'Description' section is intentionally left almost empty with a link to the book if one wants more information. Also the 'Practical tips & stories' is left empty to leave space for the tips and the stories from other practitioners.

At this stage please do not copy content from the book into the wiki. You can leave references to chapters and paragraphs of the book tho' and comments too.