Add Paragraphs

Click the [+] symbol at the bottom of the wiki page. This creates a gray "factory" at the end of the story.

Text: Double-click the gray to open the text editor. Proceed as you would to Add Text to existing paragraphs.

You can create new paragraphs by typing RETURN at the end of an existing paragraph. Type DELETE to remove this new paragraph. (Caution: type this slowly because lots is going on when new paragraphs are created.)

Plugins: Click from the factory menu to Choose Plugins for rendering the text you subsequently type.

Image: Drag an image from your desktop to the factory. Caution: There is not yet any special attention given to large, high-resolution images. Consider using your desktop software to make the image smaller before including it in wiki.

Reference: Drag the url of another Federated Wiki site to the factory to create a bibliographic reference of that page. The page's synopsis becomes the text of the reference. When absent, the first or second paragraph serves in its stead. See an Example Reference.