Choose Plugins

We describe how to choose from available plugins and how to increase those available.

A sample plugin menu as might appear in the center of a "factory" item.

The plugin menu appears when we Add Paragraphs. The exact contents of the menu will depend on how the origin server has been configured.

The factory will become a paragraph-like item rendered by the selected plugin. Proceed as with Add Text but expect what you type to have special meaning.

Many exotic paragraph types can be added by creating factories and then editing the database json representation with a text editor. Each story item has a type field which specifies the plugin used to render it. Look to Add Plugins for tips for creating new renderings.

The paragraph's split behavior is not available for plugins. Plugins often interpret multiple lines of text.

Plugin Documentation

We are moving towards a plugin format that includes documentation pages starting with one named "About Plugin-Name Plugin".

About Activity Plugin for neighborhood changes.

About Changes Plugin for browser local storage

About Code Plugin for colored source code.

About Data Plugin for tables and graphs.

About Factory Plugin for creating other kinds of items.

About Map Plugin for Open Street Map data.

About MathJax Plugin for LaTeX equations.

About Method Plugin for simple distributed calculations.

About PageFold Plugin for organizing a page's json.

About Radar Plugin for charts with many dimensions.

About Reduce Plugin for tweaking scenarios.

About Reference Plugin for citing a specific wiki site.

About Report Plugin for scheduling automatic emails.

About Rollup Plugin for bulk background calculation.

Some plugins include a server-side component that is only available in the Node/Express server. These plugins often require specially configured server resources including rarely available hardware devices.

About Logwatch Plugin for stream of pages served.

About Txtzyme Plugin for interacting with attached microcontrollers and associated devices.

About Twadio Plugin for controlling a software-defined radio transmitter.

Historical Plugins

Some older plugins don't yet follow the "about" convention.

Algorithmic Music for the ByteBeat plugin.

Expense Calculator for the Calculator plugin.

The original data and visualization plugins work together but not with much else.

Air Temperature for the Chart (time series) plugin.

D3 Line for the Line plugin.

D3 Bars for the Bars plugin.

The metabolic calculator will find data in the dom or on the server (but not in the plugin pages.)

Metabolic Equivalent of Task data for the calculator.

Metabolic Calculator for the Metabolism plugin.

There are also some works in progress that have been checked into github and show up on some servers.

Pattern Efficiency Estimation experiments with image processing via canvas objects.

About Pushpin Plugin for fitting markers on maps.

About Force Plugin for rendering force-directed graphs.

Some plugins don't have any documentation at all. This might be because they are used internally and only appear as plugins so that code can be dynamically loaded.